Do You Take My Insurance?

What appears to be a “yes” or “no” question actually requires a more involved answer.

The most common types of insurances are PPO and DMO/DHMO.

A DMO or DHMO plan requires you to choose from a specific list of providers. They WILL NOT cover services provided by anyone who is not on the list.

A PPO plan has much more flexibility. You have the option of choosing an “Out-Of-Network” or “In-Network” provider.

Patient signing insurance form

An Out-Of-Network provider means the provider does not have a contractual agreement with the insurance company to take negotiated fees and be advertised on the insurance’s website. Out-Of-Network does not mean the insurance will not pay for services provided at these offices. Many times, the percentage of coverage is the same for both Out-Of-Network and In-Network providers when using a PPO plan.

An In-Network provider has a contractual obligation to the insurance company and is rewarded by being listed on the insurance company’s website.

Please call our office at 281-440-1050 to determine if we are Out-Of-Network or In-Network with your particular insurance plan, as each plan is unique.

Alternatives to Dental Insurance

If you or someone you know does not have dental insurance or may be losing their dental insurance, our office now offers an alternative to dental insurance. The Quality Dental Plan (QDP) is a membership program that provides preventive services (exam, cleanings, x-rays) and offers a discount for needed treatment. Please call our office at 281-440-1050 for more details.