New Patient Information

Your first visit to our office is our first chance to evaluate your dental needs. This is a very comprehensive exam and is the basis for your treatment.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your reserved treatment time to fill out necessary paperwork and to provide insurance information.

First visit: filing out forms


Your hygienist will escort you to a treatment room and review your health and dental history. Please make your hygienist aware of any dental concerns you want to discuss with Dr. Camarata.

She will then take the necessary radiographs (X-rays) to help diagnose. Radiographs are an important part of our exam because they allow us to see areas of the mouth we cannot see by vision alone. We use digital radiography, which allows us to dramatically decrease the amount of radiation exposure to less than 50% of traditional radiography.

The hygienist will then enter the restorations and conditions found in your mouth into your medical chart. This includes a periodontal exam in which the health of the gums is evaluated. Periodontal disease is characterized by deep pockets found between teeth and the gums and easily bleeding gums.

Reviewing the results of radiography and cleaning


We offer different types of cleanings. Based on the health of your gums, the hygienist will proceed with the appropriate type of cleaning.

Treatment options

After your teeth and gums have been thoroughly cleaned, Dr. Camarata will sit down with you to discuss any dental needs you have. This is the time to discuss treatment options and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan.

Your involvement in decisions about your treatment is important to us. We base treatment on your needs and expectations.

Discussing treatment options with Dr. Camarata